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Zero to Hero @ Midland Swing Open 2023 | Designed to encourage someone who has never done West Coast Swing to get the fullest experience of the community by taking your first steps within a full on WCS festival. Meet on Friday for the ice breaker and be guided throughout the weekend with a dedicated Z2H Crew. The Z2H Crew will make sure you get a good seat for the competitions and shows, also holding a room party just for you guys. Explain which of the classes in the schedule are suitable for you and if you feel confident enough then you may join the Newcomer Jack & Jill contest on Sunday. See Full Schedule at the Zero to Hero page,

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Zero To Hero is an initiative to help reduce the time between someone first steps in West Coast Swing and attending a Weekend event. It is at the weekend events where the fullest experience of being a WCS community member is had and that is what really cements someone commitment to learning and development. With this in mind, we decided to invite 20 brand new WCS dancers to join us for 14th Anniversary of Midland Swing Open. You’ll be expertly guided through the event with seasoned and not so seasoned community members there to assure you of what you’re doing and help you learn the culture of the ‘Westie’ community. Their experience guidance and connections will ensure you have a brilliant weekend with us.

Did we mention that you need ZERO experience! Literally, you’ve never danced a step in your life! but you’ve seen some clips lately in Social media and you think it looks pretty cool. Then you are exactly the kind of person that would take this opportunity.


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