Bringing the UK WCS community together!

West Coast Swing Events UK,  launched in 2020 now shapes the direction of Detonation Dance and Midland Swing Open. Working to build a bright and diverse future for the UK West Coast Swing community.

Detonation Dance, Manchester, UK,
18th-21st April 2024

Making WCS events more accessible. Beginner friendly. WSDC Registry event. Spotlighting Novice & Intermediate divisions. It's Playtime for West Coast Swing dancers!

Zero To Hero @ Detonation Dance
18th - 21st April 2024

Seen some WCS videos online and want to experience an event where they hold competitions in real life. Come and learn all about this fascinating dance, you can even sign up and dance in the competitons if you'd like!

Midland Swing Open, London, UK,
26th - 30th September 2024

This event is one of the longest running WSDC Registry events in Europe. Routine divisions, Spotlighting Advanced and Allstars divisions. Come and be inspired!

West Coast Swing Events UK

Organising West Coast Swing events for more than 20 years.  WCSEUK brings some of the best instructors, DJ’s and personalities of the dance community together for amazing weekends filled with fantastic music, laughter, fun and great dancing.  To keep up to date with all the latest updates and announcements, join our mailing list below and follow us at at our Social media channels.