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West Coast Swing Playtime is the best way to describe this event. 4 night, 3 day festival event Detonation Dance, incorporates workshops, games, social dancing, competitions and shows. Held at the Manchester airport Hilton hotel, 18-21 April 2024.  We welcome dancers from all over the world as well as having great support from the local community.

Detonation is one of the most inclusive events that you might attend a real family feel.  We hold a regional ‘Team Battle’ to encourage even more fun. Dancers of all levels come together and participate in 4 non dance based trails.  Proved a fantastically fun addition in the past and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store this year.

On Friday we hold our All level Jackpot & Jill contest where dancers of all levels sign up and are drawn at random in one mass J&J division.  Saturday, our WSDC – World Swing Dance Council Jack & Jill competitions for dancers looking to accrue points in the global ranking system.  Sunday we’ll be holding a Switch Jack & jill. This is where two partners dance whilst constantly changes roles.

Social dancing goes late into the night with great DJ’s playing a wide variety of music for you to create wonderful moments and happy mistakes as you seek growth within yourself and your dancing.

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